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Most Australian businesses need a simple and affordable Internet web site to promote their products and services. Researches all over Australia, indicate that for high-involvement, or high-value products or services, 67% of consumers use the Internet for creating a short-list of potential suppliers in Brisbane. There are many reasons to consider investing in a simple website. These include:

  • Your web site can sell for you 24 hours a day x 7 days a week
  • Your Internet presence can support your Yellow Pages , press and other advertising
  • It can give your prospects far more information than a telephone call
  • You can include pictures, sound, documents and other media in the design to strengthen the sales process
  • Your web site and domain name become a business asset with a real value that can be sold when the business is sold. This is very important these days.
  • Your web pages can generate leads for your sales staff to follow up
  • You can receive orders, bookings and inquiries from anyone connected to the Internet
  • You can test new product and service ideas before investing in advertising
  • If it is designed well, your web site can be easily updated, corrected and improved

Stylish Web Design in a Content Management System

Consider AlexLopezIT for your website. I provide websites to all levels of site development from small business ‘brochure’ sites to large eCommerce Websites.

Your web design is the expression of your company’s personality online. We design for clear navigation, appropriate layout and usability. Simply put, at AlexLopezIT I:

Design for Brand…

To ensure that your brand communicates successfully online, we will create a design that inspires and develop an experience that engages.

Design for Market…

Entrusting AlexLopezIT with a portion of your marketing budget for your website project, you're expecting results. During the design phase we constantly evaluate the desired outcome of a visitor to this page. Should your visitors phone, email, buy or tell a friend?

Design for Usability…

Throughout the project we are constantly putting the user first, and asking ourselves how they will choose to, and how we would like them to, interact with the website.

By taking a user-centric design approach, I will provide your website visitors with an engaging brand experience, one that supports your company's goals, and contributes to results.

It is this understanding these key requirements and our industry knowledge that ensure our clients websites are crafted to deliver online.


When you're excited by and have approved your new design we will develop your website into its final form using the latest web standards.

AlexLopezIT specialise in deploying designs into Content Management System (CMS). A CMS will allow you to optionally update your website yourself, putting control of the site content into your hands. We use the world most popular CMS allowing your business access to a truly global developer base and over thousands of additional extensions to expand the functionality of your website.

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